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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Naomi Mwaura Fellow Kenya 2024
Compass Education Fellow 2024
Evolving Education Fellow Mexico Adult education, Arts & culture, Boys’ development, Environment & Sustainability 2024
Arundhuti Gupta Fellow India 2024
S Vishwanath Fellow India Water management, Recycling 2024
Bianca Tylek Fellow United States Human Rights & Equity, Civil rights, Criminal justice 2023
Byron Kominek Fellow United States Environment & Sustainability, Agriculture, Climate change, Energy conservation, Environment, Green business 2023
Nancy Maina Fellow Kenya 2023
Diana Adams Fellow United States Human Rights & Equity, Family planning, Gender equity, Law and legal reform, LGBTQ+ rights 2023
Ashok Kamath Fellow India Education / Learning 2023
Mónica Meltis Fellow Mexico 2023
Michael Sunbola Fellow Nigeria 2023
Manel Modelo Fellow Mexico 2023
Constanza Del Rio Fellow Chile 2023
Omowumi Ogunrotimi Fellow Nigeria 2023