Dragon School

Changemaker School
Network Member Since 2014

Dragon School recognizes that its students are likely to be influential. They are cultivating a generation of empathetic leaders by mobilising children’s natural curiosity and generosity of spirit. They engage every student to participate in social impact activities and become a visionary for the future of beneficial social transformation. Social impact principles are embedded across all subjects.

We are keen to engage with other Changemaker schools, as well as schools in our locality, researchers, parents and businesses. We are looking for opportunities such as language exchanges, international projects, teacher training or any other real world learning projects.


Changemaking initiatives:

  • The Dragons Café - A whole school social enterprise
  • Green Dragons - Organises student activities related to environmental sustainability
  • The Governors’ Challenge - a two-phase, co-curricular program in which students engage with social entrepreneurship and philanthropy


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