Why Young Changemakers

Young Changemakers serve as examples to show our partners and larger community the new definition of success in growing up: having an idea, building a team, and changing your world. They also act as ambassadors and spokespeople to help organizations and institutions create and foster a culture that supports young changemaking.

Ashoka engages a wide variety of young people through our work with two general objectives in mind:

  • Enable young people to individually and as communities be powerful in a safe environment and
  • Promote through our partners a culture that enables young people to be powerful contributors to positive change, countering forces that increasingly disempower young people.

How We Create a Safe and Empowering Environment for Young People

Our approach represents a system that promotes powerfulness as a key element for supporting safety within Ashoka’s community. For this reason, we have put together safeguarding policies and systems to support young people in understanding risks to ensure an environment in which young people can learn, grow, and be changemakers.