• Manifesto to Change the Gender Narrative

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About the Manifesto

This manifesto claims that women constitute half of the humanity and recognizes Gender Equality as the ultimate goal for a peaceful, fair and healthy world, where everybody is provided with the same rights, opportunities, and resources in all areas of their lives. Gender Equality holds the notion of justice and recognizes specificities, differences, and privileges to bridge the gaps, to eliminate gender bias and discrimination against women and gender diverse people.  

A new narrative is needed to challenge the underlying systems of power that sexism, racism, ableism, heterosexism, and so many social categorization schemes are each and all designed to sustain. Only gender equality and feminist values can achieve systemic change.   

This is an Open Work in Progres

This Manifesto is not intended to be final or exhaustive. It is the first proposal of a group of Ashoka Fellows and social entrepreneurs who aligned on the most urgent mindset shifts needed to advance gender equity.

We welcome contributions, comments, new points, and examples of best practices.

Please, make this Manifesto your own and reach out to us!

How to read the Manifesto

As this Manifesto intends to promote a change in the current narrative on gender, each point showcases how reality would be when this narrative is embedded in our formal and informal norms, mindsets, and behaviors. We, therefore, wrote it in the present tense.  

Do some of these assumptions sound strange? We have work to do!






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