Ashoka's Hiring Criteria and Process

Since Ashoka pioneered the field of social entrepreneurship during the 1980s, our team has continually redefined what it means to drive change and make an impact. Today we're at a tipping point: the rate of change is accelerating and the spirit of changemaking has never been more potent.

We're looking for talented team members to make our vision real by:

  • identifying and supporting entrepreneurs at the frontlines of pressing social issues;

  • arming the next generation with the critical skills of empathy and changemaking;

  • shifting paradigms of how society values and nurtures innovation;

  • building Ashoka as an institution to sustain this change-driven world.

Our specific needs change constantly, but we hire throughout the year based on fit with our criteria: creative and effective leaders who have a history of making powerful ideas real. 



Our hiring criteria:




Entrepreneurship / Intrapreneurship

Cannot come to rest in life until the new pattern for society this person conceived and developed is the way things are routinely done. This requires a very long-term commitment, constant listening and adjusting, and relentless, realistic how-to thinking and passion for seeing their ideas come to life.

Social Care

Understanding and Belief in Everyone a Changemaker

Understands and believes the Everyone A Changemaker vision at a gut level. Has a broad and inquisitive intellect and a thinking pattern that connects the dots between historical trends and current social context. 

change mindset

Social and Emotional Intelligence

Ability to work efficiently and respectfully in teams. Understands how individual, groups, and societies work and engage effectively in savvy, subtle, honest ways.  

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Ethical Fiber

Exceptionally strong ethical behavior. Is self-reflective and has strong empathy skills. Trustworthy. 

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Assumes that changing the world in big ways and at least on a continental scale is what they will do in life. Naturally operates at this level and has developed appropriate skills and ways of thinking. Is not interested in small scale roles.

Ashoka's Hiring Process

Our “One Search” hiring process takes its form in the image of the “transformative and enlightening” experience required of our candidates for Fellows. Just as our applying Fellows embark on a graduating articulation of their narrative, our staff candidates engage in a series of conversations around their entrepreneurial inspiration, meeting with a selection of importantly diverse and similarly inspired Ashokans.

We have designed each conversation to expand upon the previous one(s), thus necessarily standing apart as an essential addition to the series. Paralleling our selection process for Fellows, the experience for our staff candidates operates, not as a means to an end, but rather as an empathetic intention in and of itself—an opportunity for a robust discussion, the sharpening of ideas, and the reward of personal growth.

Ashoka's hiring process, presented as a workflow that briefly explains each step from the initial screen to the offer process