Ashoka's Priorities and Theory of Change

Learning from Ashoka Fellows and responding to the growing new inequality as the world is moving with accelerated pace of change, Ashoka launched an Everyone a Changemaker movement to activate everyone's agency and potentials to be a changemaker. This movement sets the following priorities: 


Social Entrepreneurship

Ashoka searches, elects, and supports world-class social entrepreneurs who are leading the way to an everyone-a-changemaker world.


Empathy and Young Changemaking

Ashoka is improving the ecosystem of growing-up years so that every child masters empathy and every young person practices changemaking. For this priority, in Indonesia Ashoka is working with strategic partners that believe in Everyone a Changemaker as their strategy to move forward. Among many, these organizations are school networks, grassroot women network, faith and spiritual leaders, as well as media and influencers that can create change together.

Concepts and proceedures

Organizing for Changemaking

Living and working in our changemaker world requires breaking through silos, tearing down walls, and organizing in fluid, open, teams of teams. Ashoka continues to learn, prototype new models of organizing and building a movement together.  


Amplifying Changemaking

Ashoka works together with various media producers and distributors; books, films, podcasts, social media content and various forms to amplify the stories of changemakers that can strengthen changemaking mindset and skills. 

Our Team

Ashoka Indonesia Programs

Ashoka Venture and Fellowship

For more than 35 years, Ashoka has built and nurtured the largest network of leading social entrepreneurs in the world. After a rigorous selection process, they are introduced to a life-long fellowship, where every member is committed to championing new patterns of social good. We encourage Ashoka...
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Ashoka Young Changemakers

Ashoka Young Changemakers (AYC) is a global network of powerful young people who are creating an Everyone A Changemaker world. Each Ashoka Young Changemaker has launched social initiatives, formed peer-led teams, and created solutions for the good of all while activating others to join in. Now, they are stepping up to shape a global conversation in redefining what it means to be a young person growing up in today’s world.

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Gaharu Keluarga

Serial Podcast Ini Baru Keluarga Mengarungi hidup dengan sekelompok orang yang kita namai keluarga adalah sebuah perjalanan yang penuh dengan suka cita, haru biru, dan juga tantangan. Selain tantangan mengelola keuangan, komunikasi, pengasuhan, dan banyak hal, keluarga juga mendapatkan tantangan...
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Gaharu Muda

Gaharu Muda In this rapidly changing world, changemaking is the new literacy. Nearly 80% of the leading social entrepreneurs in Ashoka’s network have had their first changemaking experience at a young age. Through a deep partnership with strategic organizations and individuals, we engage young...
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Layar Gaharu

Mengapa Layar Gaharu Penting? Maraknya saluran distribusi online menghubungkan beragam film dengan para penontonnya. Tetapi, tidak semua film mendapatkan kesempatan tersebut. Film-film yang membuka pemikiran kritis, memampukan penonton untuk bertanya dan membuka wawasan baru tidak selalu menemukan...
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