Victor Y

Ashoka Young Changemaker
Victor AYC Panel 2019
United States
Elected in 2019

About Victor Y

Victor and his team provide a space for young people to explore their passions while developing the necessary skills to start their lifelong changemaking journeys

Victor is an avid reader of current events and often finds himself scroll through Google News to keep up with the world. Increasingly more eager to be a global citizen, Victor wondered why the news, or even global issues, weren’t a priority in his school’s curriculum. Victor saw the importance of both understanding the world and feeling capable to create positive change, but felt this changemaker education was missing in his school. Taking action, Victor and his classmate started InnovaYouth, a youth-led organization to encourage young people to become active and passionate lifelong learners and global citizens through developing their skills in research, collaboration, and communication skills. Though workshops, conferences, and digital media, InnovaYouth challenges students to tackle real-world issues in their local communities through a changemaker mindset.