Rafa J

Ashoka Young Changemaker
Elected in 2019

About Rafa J

Starting with a research question, RJ is dedicated to reducing electronic waste through normalizing recycling and, more importantly, sustainable consumption of electronics.

Starting with a research question for a school project, RJ learned about the gross negligence of tech companies and lack of oversight by the government for electronic waste (e-waste). E-waste can be extremely toxic, a growing concern for environmental and public health. RJ’s research project became a book about electronic waste to educate others about the issue. With encouragement from his grandfather and mother, RJ later started EwasteRJ. With a team of other young people, RJ educates the public on the dangers of e-waste and the proper way to process it, advocates for the government and companies to be responsible for their environmental impact, and partners with other organizations for proper recycling of electronic waste. Through recycling and advocacy, but RJ and his team aim to shift consumer behavior to be more environmentally cautious and sustainable.