“Carry For Good“ Pledge

With Ashoka’s “Carry for Good” Pledge, you commit to donating a percentage of the carried interest of your fund at the time of your exit to high impact social innovation for the common good.

Ashoka is the world’s leading network of social entrepreneurs. Our founder Bill Drayton coined the term “social entrepreneurship”. Ranked 5th best NGO in the world (*NGO Advisor) we spot around 150 leading entrepreneurs worldwide each year with the best system-changing ideas to address social problems and change society for the better. We elect them as new “Ashoka Fellows” into our global network and, in alliance with hundreds of partners, support them in scaling and replicating their solutions. For the first time, the Carry4Good Pledge now allows entrepreneurial investors to pledge their support to Ashoka and its global network.

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It’s A Win-Win


Risk free

While you can of course always choose to give right away, you only make a commitment to donate a % of your future personal carried interest when it gets realized.


In your  hands

Since you commit a % of your personal proceeds, the Carry for Good Pledge isn’t tied to company equity and doesn’t require approvals from boards or investors.


HIgh leverage

Thanks to Ashoka’s incredibly generous network of pro-bono partners, coaches, lawyers and consultants we can proudly claim that each 1€ investment in our Fellowship program leverages an additional 2.6€ in additional non-financial support. In short: You give 1€ – we more than double it! Oh, and it’s of course tax deductible! 

Next Steps


To get more information please reach out to Elena Gibson, Fundraising Strategist Ashoka Europe via  

The process is very personal and confidential, unless you wish otherwise.


Anytime you earn a carried interest you can choose to give to Ashoka via a simple – (in most countries) tax deductible – unrestricted donation.


As much as you commit to leveraging your financial contribution we commit to creating the highest impact possible. Via your support we carefully select, support, scale and connect the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, which all create tangible systemic change.

Jimmy Wales, Founder Of Wikipedia | Ashoka Fellow

"Ashoka is a living encyclopedia of social innovation in every field around the world“

Ashoka seeks to catalyze the citizen sector by adapting the venture capitalist approach. The idea is to search for budding innovators, to supply them with seed money and to connect them in a global Fellowship.

New York Times
New York Times

How society helps children grow up needs fundamental innovation at least as urgently as in how it produces computers. That is why Ashoka is so important. It finds, helps launch, and then links and leverages the most powerful social innovations and innovators.

Carol Bellamy
Former Executive Director, Unicef
Carol Bellamy

Ashoka is excellent at plugging social entrepreneurs into a network and getting their ideas to cross borders. They do it better than we can.

Bradford Smith
Former Vice President, Ford Foundation
Bradford Smith

Ashoka is a world-class organisation, internationally renowned for its pioneering work in the field of social entrepreneurship

Jeff Skoll
Founder Skoll Foundation and First President of Ebay
Jeff Skoll

Our Response To The Covid19 Crisis

Through "Changemakers United" Ashoka is sourcing, disseminating, supporting, connecting and scaling solutions of innovative social entrepreneurs at the forefront of the Corona crisis.