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Making waves for social innovations

Waves summit encourages everyone to take part in creating a sustainable future and make change happen. 

If you are passionate about getting inspired, learning new things and connecting with people interested in tackling the most significant challenges we stand before, Waves is for you.

We want to create a platform for increased collaboration across sectors and challenge you to take action towards reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals and creating a better tomorrow.

Most importantly – we want to invite you to join the celebration of the changemakers, social innovators and impact entrepreneurs. Welcome! 

Accelerating Changemaking

At Waves, changemakers can network, get visibility, and find new ideas and tools for changemaking as well as meet potential investors.

You will experience what can be achieved through social innovation and learn ways of developing your role in supporting and accelerating change.

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Waves is for you

Waves is for you

Waves is a one day summit in Helsinki that brings together our society’s forces of change, actors committed to social innovation and systems change: Changemakers, innovators, academia, impact entrepreneurs, private and public actors, and investors.

We will hear keynote speeches, presentations, panel discussions, take part in workshops as well as connect, network and enjoy each other's company.

Read more about the speakers below.


Waves summit is an event aiming at accelerating social innovation and networking among professional changemakers in Finland.

The summit takes place on 15 September at Miltton House in Helsinki.

You can also participate in the summit online*.

*If you participate at Waves online, you will receive directions on how to attend the summit in your confirmation email.

How to get there

Miltton House

  • Address: Haapaniemenkatu 5, 00530 Helsinki
  • Entrance is accessible

The Summit is held on the 1st and 2nd floors of the building. There is an elevator in the building.

Are you making waves for change as...

Attend the live event with 200 attendees for a full in-depth experience in Helsinki, Finland. The summit creates a space for collaboration across sectors where you will experience new connections and gain insights on pathways towards a sustainable future. 

Tickets* 49 €

You can also attend the summit online*. You will receive the instructions for participating after registration.

*Please note that the amount of tickets is limited. 

For any inquiries, contact us here.

During the summit, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with innovative impact entrepreneurs and organisations who are already building a sustainable future. 

Tickets* 139 € 

The event is especially intended to support and accelerate social innovation in Finland. We warmly welcome investors and funders, business leaders, policymakers, as well as researchers to answer the needs and strengthen the field of changemaking in Finland.

*Please note that the amount of tickets is limited.

For any inquiries, contact us here.

Do you want to attend the Waves summit as a media representative or influencer?

Sign up quickly, as there is a limited amount of media-passes available.

You can participate at the summit either in person or online.

Anyone passionated about societal change and innovative ways of creating sustainable impact is invited!


This year's summit is all about taking action. We will mainly focus on three themes:

Our Future
Changemaking and innovation as part of systems change
Miltton House
Acceleration & Support
How to build an ecosystem for increased collaboration and social innovation
Miltton House
Funding & Investing
Financing possibilities and how to create investment portfolios that drive real, positive societal change
Miltton House

Meet the speakers

Markus Raivio

Markus Raivio

Markus Raivio is a leading social entrepreneur who Co-founded Kukunori in 2012 to design an entirely new way of working with mental health clients through culture. Through his organization, Kukunori, Markus is championing social welfare through an approach centered on promoting human and civil rights and functional peer support.

Kukunori ultimately aims to develop new and innovative solutions to challenges in the mental health and cultural sectors. In addition, Markus is taking the unique Guided Functional Peer Support model (GFP) that he developed to 43 organizations across the health sector in Finland. The GFP model puts people suffering from mental health issues in the driving seat of all interventions.

Cristina Ljungberg

Cristina Ljungberg

Cristina Ljungberg is a Co-founder of The Case for Her, a philanthropic investment portfolio addressing the key women’s health issues of menstruation and women’s sexual health & pleasure. Before The Case for Her, Cristina established the foundation Giving Wings in 2010.

She is also an active board member for the global non-profit, Acumen, focused on poverty alleviation through impact investing and leadership development, as well as AFRIpads, a manufacturer of reusable cloth menstrual pads.

Mikko Dufva

Mikko Dufva

Mikko Dufva is Leading Foresight Specialist at Sitra (The Finnish Innovation Fund) and docent in future studies at Aalto University. In his work, he examines future trends, the tensions between these trends and mental images connected with the future. In addition, he seeks to identify signals that may be weak now but which nevertheless are significant for the future.

Mikko has extensive experience in foresight studies and he has a doctorate in Science (Technology) on creation of futures knowledge and systemic foresight.


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