Our current programs

Dela programme

Dela Programme

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Young Changemaker of the Year 2023

Changemaker of the Year Award 2024

Ashoka Nordic’s Young Changemaker of the Year Award highlights young changemakers and their ability to bring about positive societal change. The award is geared towards youth based in Finland who are not only committed to creating an initiative for their community, but also display leadership...

Waves banner with pink color in the background and blue, green and yellow waves

Waves Summit

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Fostering a stronger ecosystem

Fostering a stronger ecosystem

Swedish national initiative for a stronger support system on social entrepreneurship and social innovation. Nine actors from different parts of Sweden are now launching the most comprehensive initiative made so far in the country to promote a broader ecosystem and a stronger support structure for...

Our previous collaborations

SFV Changemaker

SFV Changemaker

A mentorship program for youth in social entrepreneurship and leadership SFV Changemaker is a free program for youth between the ages of 18-25 who want support and inspiration for creating change within society. The program consisted of workshops, team building and inspirational lectures where nine...
system mapping

Nordic Changemaker Map

Taking the pulse on the Nordic Changemaker landscape The Nordic Changemaker Map was a collaborative project with the objective to identify key stakeholders, networks, connectivity and needed support to strengthen the Nordic ecosystem for social entrepreneurship and changemaking. The Map used a...
Nordic Young Change Leaders

Young Change Leaders

The Nordic Young Change Leaders had the mission to bring together leading impact-orientated youth to meet, share and grow – within the Nordics and beyond. The Nordic Young Change Leaders (NYC) set up the first pan-Nordic youth network as a part of the global Ashoka community of young Changemakers...

Photo from behind of two youth looking at a flipchart with the words "think big"

Changemaker of the year award

Ashoka Nordic’s Young Changemaker of the Year Award 2022 is designed for youth who are not only committed to creating an initiative for their community, but also display leadership, empathy, creativity, and the critical thinking skills necessary to identify a problem and propose a solution to it...
Changemaker experience logos

Changemaker Experience

Ashoka Nordic and RWA focuses on capacity building for educators as well as youth between 16-25 years old. The objective of our joint work is to assure that youth can access tools, inspiration and networks to identify themselves and grow as young Changemakers . We believe that working with youth is...

Changemakers Accelerator

Changemakers Accelerator

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