Changemaker Experience

In partnership with Raoul Wallenberg Academy and supported by Vinnova

Ashoka Nordic and Raoul Wallenberg Academy (RWA) have collaborated between 2015 to 2020 to support young social entrepreneurs and Changemakers. On our quest to strengthen Changemaking-skills among Swedish youth, we have developed 4 projects, namely:

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A digital platform to inspire and equip youth with Changemaking skills. Through the Yard youth can easily access tools, exercises and resources on self-leadership, empathy, ideation, fundraising, communication and more.

The Backyard is a lifelong-learning tools for educators who are keen to foster Changemaking skills among their students. The Backyard offers concrete exercises and content on social entrepreneurship and Changemaking. 

The Changemakers Camp is an annual capacity training for youth between 16-25 years old. The Camp invites youth to enhance their ideas and actions for sustainable development through mentorship, workshops and networks. 

Changemaker of the Year is an annual recognition with the aim to create wider awareness around young Changemakers and to provide needed to support these through strategic coaching offered by Accenture, Antrop and Coompanion. 

Ashoka Nordic and RWA focuses on capacity building for educators as well as youth between 16-25 years old.

The objective of our joint work is to assure that youth can access tools, inspiration and networks to identify themselves and grow as young Changemakers

We believe that working with youth is crucial for 2 key reasons: 
(a) to empower each young individual with the ability to act as a positive force for societal change (and knowing that also they can make a difference in their local, regional or national community!)
(b) to equip the future leaders and citizens of Sweden with a Changemaker-mindset and toolkit. 

Through our work we have so far engaged over 100 youth in our Changemakers Camp (a capacity training camp), welcomed over 5,000 users on Changemakers Yard (a digital platform with Changemaking skills exercises), engaged over 100 teachers through the Backyard (a lifelong learning platform for educators on social entrepreneurship and Changemaking) as well as elected four established young Changemakers through the annual recognition. 

When I see what is happening in our society, from the injustice to how we treat others on the basis of their looks or origin, it truly hurts deep inside of me. I believe we are all equal and I am therefore working towards justice and equality – this makes me a Changemaker.

Nawroz Nawndish
Changemakers Camp alumni