Nordic Young Changemakers

It takes an ecosystem to raise a Changemaker – at Ashoka Nordic we co-lead with youth in building a Nordic Changemaker community. 

A Changemaker is an empathetic, creative and solution-oriented individual who seeks to create positive impact in the local community. The young Changemaker goes from idea to action in solving societal challenges and mobilizes others to support the cause. ​

Ashoka has over the years engaged young Changemakers worldwide. In the Nordic region we work closely with youth advisory boards, conduct capacity trainings, provide Changemaking tools to youth and educators, as well as advocate for youth leadership towards inclusive and sustainable development. 

The Nordic young Changemakers are at the forefront of our work. We co-create bold initiatives and jointly work towards the vision of setting up an ecosystem that activates and supports Changemakers.


Youth projects

Ashoka is the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs and Changemakers. We develop our vision of an “Everyone a Changemaker” world, where all people regardless of age or position see their potential to develop solutions to wicked social challenges and feel empowered to act on them. To accomplish our vision, Ashoka has engaged youth to accelerate their changemaking skills. ​​


Youth resources

In the Nordics, approximately 400 young changemakers have been engaged through trainings and resources such as the Changemakers Camp initiative. We have also developed online toolkits for youth and teachers.

nordic young changemaking

I have my own experience of abuse and see how children and women in society are continuously exposed to it. This makes me angry, and it is the anger that is my driving force. It's the anger of how society looks that drives my will to change it.

Gabriella Kärnekull Wolfe
Changemaker of the Year Sweden 2018 and founder of #intedinhora
Gabriella Kärnekull Wolfe