Nordic Young Change Leaders

The Nordic Young Change Leaders is on a mission to bring together leading impact-orientated youth to meet, share and grow – within the Nordics and beyond.

The Nordic Young Change Leaders (NYC) is setting up the first pan-Nordic youth network as a part of the global Ashoka community of young Changemakers.

  • Within the network, Ashoka wants to inspire and engage more young people to get involved in solutions around societal problems.
  • Accelerating Nordic collaboration and networks among young change-leaders to enhance the SDG agenda. 

As the first pan-Nordic youth network of young change leaders, NYC is a platform for Nordic youth to meet and grow Changemaker skills, such as system change thinking, storytelling, lobbying and other.


In October 2021, the Summit will take place in Northern Sweden:​

  • 25 young Changemakers from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden will be elected through an invitation-only process.

  • The young changemakers will be connected  with decision makers, giving them the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas and develop their solutions further.  

The network members are elected on the following criteria:   

  • A young person between age of 16-25  

  • A youth who has developed or been a key advocate to an idea connected to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and for the good of all  

  • A youth who has mobilized a team working towards a solution for societal impact (e.g., volunteers, partners, peers) 

  • A person who is open to co-operate and interested in being a member of a Nordic network 

A Change-Leader is someone who believes we can all bring about positive change and goes from idea to action in solving societal challenges, mobilizing others as well. We believe changemakers share these traits: 

  • Empathy  

  • Creativity 

  • Self-leadership and the power to inspire and lead others 

  • Critical thinking 

  • The ability to identify important social challenges and find solutions to them! 

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