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The Two Pillars

Every organization have pillars that hold up its roof and keep it successful and thriving in an ever-changing world. Ashoka has two such pillars carefully designed to ensure its strength and vitality
The QUESTion Project

Making the Intangible Tangible in Education

As a teenager I struggled with a few fundamental questions: Who am I? How do I deal with and understand life and my experience? On what basis do I figure out what to do with my life? As those...
Wholeness Unleashing Power

Wholeness Unleashing Changemaking Power: Black, Queer & Muslim

“I felt very comfortable and very aware of the fact that Allah made me with all of my flaws and perfections but made me to be a queer Muslim because Allah makes no mistakes… ‘We don't reconcile...

What the Catholic Church can learn from the resurrection of Barnes & Noble

"Everything about this story is weird. Not only is a big-box store somehow having success against an online juggernaut; we’re rooting for it despite the fact that for years it was the juggernaut...
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Texas Muslims Are Redefining Multi-Faith Collaboration

"'When we started, the goal was to bring people together by building relationships, breaking bread, by having dialogue and discussions, breaking down barriers through frank discussion,' said Ghani...
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Everyone, everywhere, all at once - the only way to address the climate emergency

In March 2023, UN Secretary General António Guterres spoke at the release of the UN’s 6th IPCC report. He was unequivocal: “In short, our world needs climate action on all fronts – everything...
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Why the decline of the church matters to everyone?

“In a world where polarization and fear often dominate conversations and relationships, Smietana says, people need what the church has. Sometimes that means skills such as asking forgiveness...
Eboo Patel

Interfaith America is building bridges of cooperation

“We need to learn how to build a social order that welcomes people from a range of identities and builds bridges of cooperation between and among us. I think that is done through a positive narrative...

Bill Drayton: "Changemaking is the new literacy"

In a recent interview with IDR India, Bill Drayton emphasizes that everyone has the right, and ability, to be a giver. And to be able to give in today’s world where everything is changing, everybody...
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Ashoka releases the "The Unlonely Planet 2022" Report

"The Unlonely Planet," Ashoka’s global study of systems-changing social entrepreneurs, uncovers 11 strategies to build a world of changemakers