Our Partners

Through the support of our partners, we are able to expand and make visible the work of our Ashoka Fellows and Young Changemakers. Our partners support us financially, with know-how, infrastructure, access to networks or media presence.

Ashoka is an ideal partner to achieve widespread social impact, on a regional or global level. We pool the strengths of different stakeholders—civil society, social entrepreneurs, and private companies—through our innovative collaboration models. We create win-win collaborations that respond effectively to social and environmental challenges, furthering our vision of an Everyone A Changemaker world.

Since 1980, Ashoka has developed a range of relationships, from local-level pro bono to strategic and visionary engagements with local and global partners. Ashoka's global network of Fellows, staff members, changemakers and partners enable us to respond effectively to large-scale problems in society, breaking down barriers between business, society, and the public. And we introduce new modes of collaboration beyond the typical funder-fundee relationship, often involving co-creation and multi-stakeholder approach.

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Insights on Changemaker Education

Tactical learnings and ideas from educators on creating a school culture that supports early changemaking.
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EACH video

Ashoka: Everyone a Changemaker

Ashoka envisions a world in which everyone is a changemaker: a world where everyone is powerful and contributes to change for the good of all. Join our Everyone a Changemaker movement today.
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Answering Society’s Call: A New Leadership Imperative

How do transparency, empathy, and meaning work in practice?

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The New Reality

Living in a Changemaker World Requires a New Framework for Thinking and Acting

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Bill Drayton on the Big Think:

Tearing Down the New Inequality

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A New Age has Dawned: Our Young People Need to be Changemakers

What We Need to Learn to Make the Most of Our Disrupted World

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The Changemaker Effect

Henry De Sio describes the key to success in an era of explosive social change

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Good Grief! Is It Possible to Bridge Our Differences?

“We Need a Way to Talk Openly”

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New Paradigm for Leadership – Everyone Leads

See the World Differently – Doing Differently

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Rebooting Our Politics and Schools to Engage Young People

It’s a paradigm shift they feel happening under their feet

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Why Empathy is as Important as Reading and Math

Transformative education must begin with a fresh look at the societal landscape our children and youth are stepping into. A historical shift has radically changed the complexion and complexity of the...

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A Team of Teams World

The rate of change has been accelerating exponentially since 1700 at least. So has the number of people causing change. This acceleration also applies (and I believe this is especially important) to...

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Want true equality? Make everyone powerful.

You can’t play the change game unless you are a changemaker.

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Empowering teachers to empower young people

Living and thriving in a new world

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How Fluid Teams Create Good Business

Allowing an organization to remain competitive and relevant.

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The Age of Empowerment is here

The key to a better world: let people create that world for themselves

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Everything You Change Changes Everything

It’s time for a reality check. That was the cautionary message in my last post. The world is changing. Society is tearing down its system of silos and hierarchy, and our world defined by repetition...

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Creating frameworks for others to take decisions and make change

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Global executives really fail in the area of human interaction

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New skills are needed in an “everyone leads” environment,

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