Ashoka's Priorities

Ashoka currently focuses on three strategic priorities to support a world where everyone can make a change to their society and its culture:


Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs champion innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social, cultural, and environmental challenges. They model changemaking behavior, and catalyze organizations and movements where everyone can be changemaker.

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Empathy & Young Changemaking

In order to thrive, young people need to know how to make an impact in today’s rapidly evolving world. Gaining the skills for changemaking, including empathy, must become the new norm for growing up.

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Organizing for a Changemaker World

Succeeding in a world where everyone drives change requires a new way of organizing: where we break through walls between sectors and within organizations to work together in fluid, open, and communicative teams.

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Our Team


Ashoka's leadership today is a group of change leaders with a track record of positively impacting society and empowering others to be changemakers. Worldwide, the team is made up of 300+ Ashoka staff worldwide, that supports the vision of an Everyone a Changemaker world.

The team in the Netherlands consists of three core members, Progam Support & Research Interns, and Volunteers.

Discover below Ashoka team in the Netherlands. 

Ashoka Netherlands Staff