The Criteria, the Process, and the Benefits

If you are inspired to nominate an initiative but would like to know more about what we are looking for, what the process will be like, and how the selected nominee will benefit from it, make sure to read below!


Do you feel like they would be a good fit? Then please fill out our short nomination form that can be found below. 

Selection Criteria

Nature based: Are their solution, which can be either service or product, nature based? 

Solution: Are they addressing a pressing environmental or ecological problem? 

Innovation: How creative, daring and disruptive is their solution? 

Proven: Do they already have a proof of concept least a successfully implemented pilot? 

Entrepreneurial: Does their solution have a market value and are able to generate revenue? 

Scalable: Is it possible to tailor and implement their solution to another region and at a different scale/size? 

Social gain/value: Does their solution improve the community’s livelihood? 

Inspirational: Does the solution inspires and motivates to change and bring additional positive value to society? 

Selection process (December 2021 to April 2022) 

  1. Call for nomination 
  2. First step screening using standard pre-defined criteria 
  3. Detailed scanning through desk research
  4. Team & culture scan through interview or one-one conversation 
  5. Onboarding  

Benefits to selected candidates

  1. Training and workshop for scaling up 
  2. Visibility and support for communication 
  3. Connection with stakeholders across bioregions in Europe who are interested in co-creation and scaling of solutions  
  4. Support from an impact fund to finance integration and scaling