Wasudev: Upcycling clothing for rural development

Tackling both unemployment and waste, Silaigram transforms upcycled cloth into sustainable products while employing young women throughout rural India.
Wasudev AYC India 2019

Wasudev’s community faces the harsh consequences of poverty and unemployment, which causes many young girls to drop out of school. Collaborating with a friend in the garment industry and his mother, Wasudev started Silaigram, a social impact startup aiming to provide sustainable livelihoods for young women in rural parts of India.

Using upcycled cloth waste coming from garment factories and decor shops, Silaigram provides women creative jobs stitching the materials into sustainable, hand-made products such as bags, household items, jholas, and kurtis. Over the past year, Wasudev has worked with a team comprised of his mother, sister, and his friend to up-cycle 1,000 kg of cloth material, preventing harmful waste from entering the ocean ecosystem.