About Ashoka East Africa

Founded in 2001, Ashoka East Africa is the youngest Africa program serving Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. With 87 Fellows, we are also one of the smallest Fellowships. But we are growing rapidly. Ashoka East Africa strives to shape a regional, entrepreneurial, and competitive citizen sector, one that allows entrepreneurs to thrive and enables the region's citizens to think and act as Changemakers since 2000. For the past years, we have grown considerably both in terms of numbers of leading social entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows) elected and supported and in our greater efforts to build a more conducive environment for change. 


We have contributed to a collaborative ecosystem to search leading social entrepreneurs in the region and nominated them as Ashoka Fellows thus supporting the growth and development of the sector together with partners from other sectors since 2001. We have directly invested resources in fellowship engagements with these Fellows.

The Four Ashoka East Africa Pillars

Implementing Global Programs

Programs we have implemented in East Africa include:

  • Globalizer
  • Youth Venture
  • Changemaker Schools
  • Changemaker Bootcamps (AmEx Leadership and Mastercard Foundation’s Future Forward)
  • Making More Health Accelerator Program
  • Changemaker Exchange.

Diversifying the Fellowship Network of Changemakers

The Ashoka East Africa Fellows are drawn from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. We also have fellows from across the globe who have their work in the East African region.

Building a Diverse Ecosystem of Changemakers

The Ashoka East Africa Community is made up of:

  • 87 Fellows
  • 15 Changemaker Schools
  • 50 Youth-Serving Organizations supporting young people to grow self-identifying as changemakers
  • 4000 young changemakers
  • 20 youth champions

Building a Team of Teams

Ashoka East Africa operates as a constellation of teams that come together to work towards set goals. At the center of this constellation is a coordinating executive team, but the composition of each project team shifts as needed over time.

The team comprises staff, fellows, change Leaders from schools and youth-serving organizations, young changemakers, interns, volunteers, youth champions, partners among other allies and friends.

Ashoka East Africa Team


Ashoka East Africa

Address: Ashoka East Africa 101590 Riara Corporate Suites, Riara Road Nairobi 00101 Kenya