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Working Towards an Inclusive Society

This article originally appeared on The Daily Star

TransEnd is a social welfare organisation that empowers the transgender community through education, training, employment and entrepreneurship. Founded by Lamea Tanjin Tanha in 2019, the organisation primarily arranges social awareness campaigns and programmes, educating people on the gender spectrum.

Transgender people are one of the most neglected communities in the country. Tanha, before establishing the organisation, often talked to members of the community in local buses and parks. The conversations made her familiar with their psychologies, needs and sufferings. "Each of them has their individual stories and miseries," she said. Tanha was selected as the Sir Fazle Hasan Abed Ashoka Young Changemaker.

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TransEnd intends to create sustainable employment opportunities for transgender people post their training sessions. "A major problem lies in the fact that no job sector wants to provide jobs to transgender people, no matter how qualified they are," added Tanha. "This is why we are arranging programs to convince employers to give transgender people job opportunities."