What is a Changemaker
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A remarkable thing happened last week at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia: Bill Clinton chose to encapsulate Hillary’s public service career with one description: "She is the best darn changemaker I have ever known."

News outlets around the world carried headlines about the speech, with some wondering, what is a changemaker?

For us at Ashoka—a network that has been dedicated to building an "Everyone A Changemaker" world for more than a decade—it’s an exciting moment to witness changemaking become part of our collective consciousness. And it's even better when it prompts a debate about who might qualify as the most effective changemaker.


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We live in a rapidly transforming, increasingly interconnected world. The size and complexity of global challenges needs changemakers of every shape and size. As Engineers Without Borders founder and inspiring changemaker George Roter says, "Everyone has changemaking in their DNA; it’s just a matter of unlocking it."

Kris Herbst works for Ashoka as chief editor for the Ashoka.org website. Prior to that he was Director of Community for Ashoka's Changemakers.com web platform, managing creation of content and communications through traditional and social media, as well as a team with members on five continents that mobilized participation in challenges for scaling-up social innovation. Prior to joining Ashoka and helping launch Changemakers.com in 1998, he developed the first websites launched by clients in Washington, DC including the National Press Club and the Biotechnology Industry Organization. His journalism experience includes Saturday Review magazine assistant editor; BioCentury newsletter contributing editor; and freelance journalist and television news producer for clients including Nippon TV Network and NHK Television. He received a Masters in City and Regional Planning from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.
Tim is a Tampa, FL-based Director for Ashoka Changemakers. During his tenure, he has led day-to-day delivery of our Start Empathy, Re-imagine Learning, and Children's Wellbeing engagements, among others. Prior to arriving in Arlington, he served as Innovation Manager for International Bridges to Justice, where he conceptualized and managed collaborative competitions specific to the human rights sector. From 2001 to 2005, Tim served as Communications Manager for GlobalGiving, where he helped launch, publicize, and populate an online marketplace for international philanthropy. He has also worked as a Farber Intern for REDF, a leader for Overland’s rocky mountain service and backpacking summer program, and a consultant for AES Sonel investigating rural electrification opportunities in Cameroon. Tim has BAs in English Lit and Poli Sci from Bucknell University and an MBA from Duke University, where he was a CASE Social Sector Scholar.

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