Ashoka UK & Ireland launches new partnership with Chanel


Ashoka UK & Ireland is working on a new partnership with the Chanel Social commitment team in London. 

The six-month pilot follows a successful collaboration between Ashoka France and Chanel in Paris, in which Chanel employees heard from Ashoka Fellows, who shared their personal experience of building a culture driving innovation and positive impact.  

Over the course of the programme, thirty participants from the Chanel UK and Chanel Global Corporate teams will join webinars with social entrepreneurs on a range of topics, connecting over their shared commitment to education, employability and nurturing human potential.  They will also engage with the Ashoka UK & Ireland team and with Ashoka Fellows to learn how they tackle challenges, as well as the unique qualities and skills that social entrepreneurs possess.  Participants will then work closely with a group of Ashoka Fellows to solve real challenges in business management, leadership and social impact. 

Through programmes like these, Ashoka promotes an ‘Everyone A Changemaker World’. The Chanel Social commitment team and Ashoka UK & Ireland are excited to embark together on this learning journey.