Ashoka & HSBC are looking for Green Changemaker-makers

Group of people at a community centre

Are you a green changemaker catalysing others to take action for a sustainable world? Are you equipping those around you with the mindset and capabilities to contribute?

Ashoka and HSBC are collaborating for the third year to launch the ‘Green Changemakers Challenge.’ 

This global innovation challenge is open to changemakers with solutions that are inspiring others to take action, those that are activating others and creating a role for everyone to contribute as problem-solvers.

The Challenge will award innovators with up to $25,000 in grant funding, and the opportunity to participate in a learning journey alongside HSBC and Ashoka team members.

The threats facing our planet are gaining pace, and we find ourselves racing towards an ecological crisis. As we try to meet the urgency of the moment, we have an opportunity to build a better world, where people and the planet are more integrated and can thrive together. We have the opportunity to emerge from this crisis more resilient and with a more equitable and just society. 

The Green Changemakers Challenge will support those individuals helping people and communities find the role they can play in tackling the climate crisis and making sure no one is left out of this process. 

We are searching for green changemakers who are:

  1. Creating inclusive pathways for people to contribute: We’re seeking solutions that are bringing more people into the climate conversation, especially those who have historically been excluded. These solutions are equitable by design and increase diversity in the global community working on climate change.
  2. Turning data and information into stories that spark action: We’re seeking solutions that are making climate data and knowledge more accessible, and those that are telling inspiring stories to mobilise others to action.
  3. Creating structures of support for existing solutions: We’re seeking solutions that are built to support other solutions – by enabling the creation of new solutions; scaling existing solutions or making them more visible; and prioritising the traditional knowledge of those communities who have always preserved our natural resources.

If you fit the criteria above, find more information and apply here!

If you have any questions regarding the Green Changemakers Challenge please contact us at [email protected].