School 21

Changemaker School
Network Member Since 2014


School21’s approach is rooted in attributes to success – expertise (mastering the basics of learning), professionalism (being ready to learn), eloquence (finding your voice), grit (overcoming set-backs), spark (creating new things) and craftsmanship (making beautiful work). They focus on circular learning and one-to-one coaching. Students engage in real world learning through hands-on projects and are encouraged to participate in the school's decision making.

One of the central aims of the school, oracy, is realised through dedicated weekly communication lessons and projects such as Voice21. The project is developed in conjunction with the University of Cambridge and focuses on creating a diagnostic tool which will be used by schools across the country to teach and assess spoken communication. The School's work around oracy is pioneering and arguably on a path to set the national standards for teaching.

We are keen to engage with other CM schools, schools in our locality, researchers, parents and businesses for real world learning opportunities, language exchanges, international projects and teacher training.


Changemaking Initiatives include:

  • Voice21 - implements a unique oracy curriculum focusing on the vitality of spoken communication
  • Project Unity - encourages students to create, pitch and organise social change campaigns/projects
  • School Curriculum - revised every 6 weeks to account for project-based learning initiatives

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