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Learn more about how to apply to be an Ashoka Young Changemaker, the selection process, countries we work in, and where to stay up-to-date with the latest information about the program.
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Nominate yourself or a young person you know to be an Ashoka Young Changemaker

Calling All Changemakers:

Ashoka Young Changemakers is a carefully selected network of young people who have found their power to create change for the good of all and are ready to take on their role as youth influencers, peer allies and co-leaders of the global Everyone a Changemaker movement.

Open Call for Nominations:

Nominations are open year-round for Ashoka Young Changemakers in the countries mentioned below. By completing the nomination form, you are expressing interest to be considered for the upcoming selection panels in that country.

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Ashoka invites young leaders under 20 years of age to become Ashoka Young Changemakers.














You can apply to AYC only in the country that you are a resident of. Currently, Ashoka Young Changemakers is a program in the United States, Nigeria, Brazil, India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. If you do not live in these countries, please write to your Ashoka country office for youth-related opportunities in your country. 



This opportunity is just for you if:

1. You are under 20 years of age

2. You are a Changemaker

  • Your idea - You deeply empathized with a problem and from that understanding developed your own original idea for addressing it.
  • Your team - You built a team around this idea. You lead by helping others lead, helping them realise they can create positive change.
  • Your world changed - You helped improve people’s lives and the environment around them. You are always committed to the good of all.

3. You want to co-lead the global Everyone a Changemaker movement

  • You are a co-leader - You believe that everyone needs to take initiative and solve problems, everyone needs to find their power as changemakers. You are eager to help your peers and everyone in your school/community/country to find their power.



Stage 1: Online Nomination & Screening

Nominate yourself or someone you know through the online form. Reflect on your journey as a Changemaker and access inspiring ideas to advance your initiative.

Stage 2: National Review

Interact with the Ashoka team in your country. Learn more about the co-leadership opportunities for you to contribute and useful insights to help you accelerate the growth of your leadership and changemaking competencies.

Stage 3: International Review

Interact with a Senior Leader from the Ashoka team and with young changemakers from our global network. Understand Ashoka better, and gain expert insights to advance your changemaking journey. 

Stage 4: Selection Panel

Attend an in-person discussion and selection panel, that would include top social entrepreneurs, journalists and other leaders. Meet other top young changemakers and discuss ideas to influence youth culture in your country and to co-lead the Everyone a Changemaker movement.

Reimbursements are available for all candidates to cover panel related expenses like domestic travel, accommodation, and food. Candidates can also bring a parent or adult ally during the visit.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I submitted my nomination. What happens next?

Based on where you live, we will notify you once the next round of applications for Ashoka Young Changemakers is available in your country. You will be notified several weeks in advance before the deadline through the email provided on the nomination form. 

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Q: Is a nomination require to apply to the program?

No! Nominations are not required to apply to be an Ashoka Young Changemaker. Nomination forms are simply an expression of interest before applications open in your country.


Q: I submitted my nomination a few weeks ago, but a lot has changed since then. What do I do? 

Awesome! You can update your nomination by re-nominating yourself with additional information. In the description, reference your previous nomination, so the reviewer knows to look for multiple submissions. You can also wait and provide a full update in your written application once applications are open for the next cohort in your country. Please note, nominations are not required for applying to the program.


Q: Is there a fee associated with the program?

No! There is no fee or cost to apply or participate in the Ashoka Young Changemaker program.


Q: What happens after selection?

The panel and Ashoka will invite a select group to become Ashoka Young Changemakers. You are inducted into a global community and gain access to co-leadership bootcamps, media partnerships, public speaking platforms, exposure visits,  strategic allies and more opportunities to grow yourself and to influence youth culture in your country.

Every Ashoka Young Changemaker is tasked with the responsibility of co-leading the Everyone a Changemaker movement. As a co-leader, you can drive existing Ashoka initiatives for young people or come up with new ideas to fuel the movement.

For example:

  • Be a peer ally to other young people and help kick-start their changemaking journeys
  • Engage with top social entrepreneurs and thought leaders
  • Create opportunities within your own venture for other young people to step up and lead change
  • Speak at reputed public platforms and share your story through media partnerships
  • Influence your school/community to trust in youth to lead
  • Build partnerships to start and scale effective solutions that can end the new inequality
  • Access resources and networks to achieve greater impact
  • Come up with your own ideas to fuel the movement and test them in a supportive community


Q: What does an Ashoka Young Changemaker look like? 

Explore the profiles and featured stories of our global community of Ashoka Young Changemakers. See More>


Have additional questions?

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