Our Approach

Strengthening our global framework for changemaking is now more critical than ever as the urgency of the United Nations 2030 Agenda becomes palpable and collaboration toward these goals across all levels of society becomes necessary. Leveraging Ashoka’s position as the world’s largest platform for social entrepreneurs, we hold discussions around the key decision-makers who have emerged and the strength of our current framework for social change. 
We offer an inclusive platform  for  diverse voices to explore how differing models for changemaking operate, reinforce one another, and have the ability to accelerate systemic impact. Among the attendees will be distinguished social entrepreneurs, leaders in the business and corporate sector, and policymakers and thought leaders from the region and around the world.
In parallel, this Forum serves to spark critical dialogues on WISE, a visionary initiative aimed at identifying and addressing the gender-specific challenges and re-framing the way that we raise, empower, and acknowledge women changemakers in all corners of the globe.

Arab World


The Arab World Social Innovation Forum is an international exchange of theories of social change and an inclusive platform for dialogue aimed at bolstering and uplifting the global social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Exchange Ideas


A global exchange of theories of social change

from the Global North and Global South.

Connecting Platform


The first high-level international forum on social

entrepreneurship in the region since the Arab Spring.