Who is a Social Entrepreneur?

Ashoka believes the most powerful force for change is a new idea in the hands of the right person. Bill Drayton coined the term ‘social entrepreneur’ and since 1980, Ashoka has pioneered the field identifying and supporting the world’s leading social entrepreneurs.

Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society's most pressing social, cultural, and environmental challenges.


                                                         · They solve the most pressing challenges in society with an innovative idea

                                                         · They have vision, innovation, determination and commitment to systemic social change in their fields

                                                         · They catalyze organizations and movements where everyone can be a changemaker

                                                         · They transform systems and patterns of society


Making an impact is at the heart of being a social entrepreneur

It is all about passion, innovation and collaboration.


“Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish, or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.” 

Bill Drayton
Founder, CEO & Chair of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public
Bill Drayton

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