Name Type Country Focus of Work Election Date Organization
Mauro Antonio Vargas Urías Fellow Mexico Gender equity, Men’s issues, Women’s issues, Human Rights & Equality 2019 GENDES A.C.
Carolina Contreras Fellow Mexico Citizen / community participation, Racial equality, Women’s issues, Civic Engagement, Human Rights & Equality 2019 Miss Rizos
Arturo Hernandez Fellow Mexico Civic Engagement, Citizen / community participation, Corruption, Media 2019 Los Supercivicos
Claudia Thomas Riche Fellow Haiti Health & Fitness, Health care 2019 Nursing Education Collaborative for Haiti
HEC Montréal Changemaker Campus Canada 2019
Vincent Lagacé Fellow Mexico Financial services / markets, Capacity building, Economic development, Business & Social Enterprise, Development & Prosperity 2019 Nuup
B. S. Nagesh Fellow India 2019 TRRAIN (Trust for Retailers & Retail Associates of India)
Sue Riddlestone Fellow United Kingdom 2019 Bioregional
Achraf Aouadi Fellow Tunisia 2019 iWatch
Deagon Yi Fellow South Korea Education / Learning, Citizen / community participation, Children & Youth, Civic Engagement 2019 책마을해리
JinKyeong Cho Fellow South Korea Human rights, Women’s issues, Human Rights & Equality 2019 Stand Up Against Sex-Trafficking of Minors
Ngu Morcho Fellow Nigeria 2018 Yako Medical Africa
Peter Awin Fellow Ghana 2018 Cowtribe
Dinny Jusuf Fellow Indonesia Economic development, Development & Prosperity 2018 Toraja Melo
Regi Wahyu Fellow Indonesia 2018 HARA