Ashoka's Community Greens helps residents, government leaders, and citizen sector organizations come together to develop incentives and policies that catalyze the development of these new urban commons. With assistance from Community Greens, citizens merge their backyards, transform alleys from blighted spaces to community places, and give life to vacant lots in a manner that is sustainable and systems-changing.

The communities below are prominent examples of what happens when neighbors galvanize each other towards co-creating community greens with one another. Check out the insights, impact, and rich history of greenifying our cities and creating collective ownership of urban spaces, in the pursuit of a more life-giving and sustainable environment within our neighborhoods.

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Montgomery Park: Boston, MA

On summer evenings, the glow of candlelight illuminates the lush plantings of Montgomery Park, a third of an acre backyard shared by 85 households in Boston's South End neighborhood. This community green has become the heart of a diverse community of neighbors who have grown to be "the best of friends."

Chandlers Yard: Baltimore, MD

A few homeowners in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore have discovered that they can enjoy all the amenities of city living without the usual anonymity or lack of green space. Hidden behind eleven narrow row houses, Chandlers Yard is a tree-shaded courtyard carved out of the backyards of surrounding homes. Here, the neighbors of Chandlers Yard are assured a pleasant green view from their homes and private yards. It is a quiet place, perfect for reading the morning paper and enjoying a cup of coffee.

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