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    Khalsa Montessori School

    Changemaker School

    Learning Through Play: Education does not stop when recess begins


    Galvanized by both the rollback of recess in some places and the stronger science backing play, and bolstered by a relatively new focus in educatio

    ¡La juventud activó el domingo!

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    ​Arriba las emociones: escuelas en donde está bien expresar lo que uno siente


    Resolver los conflictos, desarrollar la empatía, promover el diálogo y trabajar en equipo son estrategias que se usan para ac

    Protecting and Promoting Opportunities for Meaningful Play at School


    Children are in school all day, everyday, for the majority of their developmental years.

    Lauren McNamara, armed with new measures and data she developed, is persuading and heling elementary schools replace harmful recess patterns with new approaches that help children grow socially and emotionally, not least by helping one another grow.

    Social Entrepreneur Jill Vialet on “Positive Chaos” and Fixing Recess


    Many students don’t go outside to play for recess, regardless of socioeconomic status.

    One Ashoka Fellow, By the Numbers


    Let's talk about Darell Hammond by the numbers for a moment.