Ashoka Fellow
Fellow seit 2007
    This description of Bernd Gebert's work was prepared when Bernd Gebert was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2007.
    Bernd Gebert is enabling youth to act as agents of change in a national movement, “Das macht Schule” (literally: “This is what school does” an idiom for “a practice, that becomes common”). Beginning with hands-on activities that yield quick but impacting success stories, Bernd uses these success triggers to build the youths’ sense of citizenship, unleash their potential, and connect them with each other. While building the youth movement, the children start their own initiatives in schools and communities, and prove to themselves and other pupils, teachers, parents, and communities what power they have to change their surroundings. Bernd builds support networks around schools and in the communities to take the initial momentum of self-help actions to a sustainable level and continuous attitude of “I and we can do” in society.
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