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Source: Ashoka Romania


The invitation

Hey there! We are Ashoka Romania, a team of social change enthusiasts aiming to support changemakers and their organizations increase the positive impact of their actions in society (please scroll all the way to the bottom for more detailed information).

In the past years, through our work, we have accumulated a large database of resources, information, and case studies which we would like to share with our collaborators as well as with the Romanian changemakers, organizations and initiatives who are looking for ways to take their initiatives to the next level. To help us with it all, we are looking for one volunteer passionate about writing and eager to support us in our knowledge management efforts. More specifically, the volunteer will help us create a resources guide, starting from all the knowledge/information we already possess. Working with our local team, they will gather all the relevant information, organize it as well as draft the content for it – all while discovering our work and understanding key concepts such as social innovation, systems change or social entrepreneurship.

If all you read so far caught your attention and left you curious for more, read on:

What it means

Image removed.What will you have to do?

  • Select, arrange, group & organize the resources we will put to your disposal into multiple categories
  • Contribute to writing and explaining the content which will accompany the sources as well as the introduction/summary/conclusions of the guide (with our support)
  • Organize the content and all resources into a document that our graphic designer can work with and help visualize
  • Use both written English & Romanian languages as the main languages for content curation as well as content writing
  • Collaborate with the graphic designer into providing guidance about the visual style and theme we envision for the guide.

What can you learn during this experience?

  • Understand key concepts such as social entrepreneurship, systems change, social impact – and gain local and global knowledge about them,
  • Have access to a wide pool of resources which you can explore to your liking,
  • Peek into what it means to work with a global NGO,
  • Be inspired by the innovations of 3,800+ Ashoka Fellows around the World
  • Learn how to contribute to solving social problems as an intrapreneur
  • Improve your content writing and your resource curation abilities,
  • What the spirit of ‘zhuzh’ (a.k.a ‘juj’) means and how we live by it in our team

You are exactly who we are looking for if you

  • are eager to discover the world of social change and to understand how an ‘everybody a changemaker’ world could look like,
  • have proven initiative within different projects, either in school/university or outside of it,
  • are a fast learner, and you ask the questions that will help you solve the problems you encounter
  • have a very good knowledge of English (speaking and writing),
  • have a good knowledge of using Microsoft Office applications (especially Microsoft Word),
  • are between 16 – 24 years old.

Logistics & details

  • Estimated hours required per week: 15,
  • The estimated duration of the experience is 2 months between mid-January – mid-March 2022,
  • The volunteer will work online, using various online tools and video platforms (Zoom and/or Teams) to communicate. If the volunteer will be in Bucharest, there will be the possibility of in-person meetings with the team, provided that all social distancing/health measures are respected,
  • The experience is unpaid and at the end, a certificate of volunteering will be released, together with a letter of recommendation if requested.

How to apply

If you want to start 2022 together with us and help us create a resources guide that will support Romania’s changemakers, reach out to us!

Send an e-mail (in English) to [email protected] until January 13th briefly answering the following questions:

  • Why do you think you are the volunteer we are looking for?
  • What are you hoping to learn and discover through this experience?
  • What is exciting for you in your life at this moment (things you are learning, other initiatives you are contributing to, hobbies, dreams you have, a book you are reading etc)?

Please also send us any online social media profile that you have that you think is relevant for us to see (Facebook, LinkedIn etc) or a CV (if you have one).

More info on Ashoka

Ashoka's mission is to build a society where everyone has the opportunity, skills and support to create meaningful social change. Ashoka does so by investing in and collaborating with social entrepreneurs who combine vision, creativity, and passion with an unparalleled drive to bring sustainable and systemic change to the social problem of their focus. Over the past 38 years, Ashoka has grown to become one of the driving forces of social innovation in the world, with a network of over 3800 leading social entrepreneurs globally, whom we support financially and non-financially. Currently, NGO Advisor's annual list of the top 200 most impactful citizen sector organizations in the world puts Ashoka in the top five.

For 4 years now, Ashoka has been building a network of top social innovators in Romania. The local Ashoka office has already selected 8 Ashoka Fellows that generate systemic changes in areas such as health, journalism, nature conservation, civic participation, the fight against human trafficking, building the identity of Roma women, institutional care system, and cultural preservation. We create an ecosystem in which social innovators can grow: an environment in which the legal and social framework is in order, an environment in which their work becomes visible and an environment that supports their plans for social change through knowledge, strategic partnerships, mentoring, financial instruments, ideas, and commitment.

For more information, please visit