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    Kelly Davies is re-engineering the role local sports clubs can play in their communities. Rather than being a venue for sports and matches alone, Kelly believes they are an ideal public space to revitalize communities from within and take on a role that spans issues from employment and education to inclusion and health.

    Leila is creating and growing a grassroots movement led by students and heritage activists’ and cultural entrepreneurs to restore the vibrancy of the Medinas’ throughout Tunisia. She is doing this through creating an economic dynamic that speaks true to its heritage and increasing the cultural confidence of the people in their own country.

    In post-revolution Tunisia, where the marginalization and disillusionment of young people are leading to high rates of radicalization, Wala is building a movement of young people who are creating their own path to constructive political and economic participation.

    Atakan and Teyit are using the rising wave of misinformation in the reporting and sharing of information in digital and social media channels as an opportunity to enhance digital literacy in Turkey.

    Santiago is transforming the way patients with chronic diseases access the existing health structures through the development of the first integrated system for primary health in Mexico, with the aim of reducing expenses and wait time and improving the interaction between patients and the healthcare ecosystem. Santiago enables patients and health providers to become active participants in the development of a high quality, patient–driven health sector.

    Sooinn is changing the paradigm of basic education, through child-centered learning.

    Luciana Zaffalon has developed a unique multisectoral approach to promote both the right to a public defender and fairness within Brazil’s criminal justice system. She combines judicial and legislative reform with powerful public outreach to promote rights-respecting practices in the media and amongst the Brazilian public.

    Candice Lys is cultivating a new generation of young leaders through a novel form of public health education that encourages expression through the arts. In doing so, Candice supports historically marginalized and isolated communities to address deep seeded challenges through evidence-based holistic practices and reciprocal and experiential ways of learning across generations.

    Yaşar is the founder of Beyond İstanbul, centre for spatial justice, which reverses the currently negative eco-political, dynamics behind Turkey’s destructive urban development through knowledge production, awareness raising, and creating participatory models for different stakeholders.