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7 Wellbeing Tips for Working Online

This article originally appeared on Medium - A New Game

As the COVID-19 pandemic upends lives around the world, it’s also launched the “world’s largest work from home experiment” for nonessential employees who can work remotely. Millions are working from their living spaces, whether their new environment is quiet and isolating or crowded and chaotic.

How we work impacts more than our meetings or projects — it affects our ability to care for ourselves and each other, especially in times of crisis. The switch happened fast, and many organizations didn’t have the chance to develop guidelines for the world of remote work.

For decades, Ashoka has been operating in a “team of teams” distributed across continents. As we support changemakers around the world, many of us work from our own homes. Our home “offices” are scattered from the French Alps to the Nile River, from cities like Bangalore and Los Angeles to rural Wisconsin.

We asked around to share with you our favorite ways to practice wellbeing while working remotely.

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