Make Everyone Powerful: Ensuring Equality

India’s Supreme Court recently decriminalized homosexuality and ruled that gay Indians now have the protections of the Constitution. This is an enormous cause for celebration.

Despite this hugely significant ruling in India—the second-most populous nation in the world—there is still much more work to be done, in India and around the world, to ensure that just, equitable, and inclusive societies exist for all people. Ashoka believes that leading social entrepreneurs have an important role to play in the global LGBT+ rights movement at this critical juncture. We accelerate innovation in this field by supporting LGBT+ leaders and organizations who focus on systemic, cross-sectoral and global change.

Our network of more than 3,500 Fellows in 91 countries often show us where the future is headed before it is apparent. For example, Ashoka Fellow Anjali Gopalan shaped the fight by filing the first lawsuit against India’s gay ban in 2001.  Ashok Row Kavi, an Ashoka Fellow since 1994, created one of the first national LGBT networks in India that includes advocacy, community building, a national hotline, and the nation’s first LGBT magazine—the Bombay Dost

Ashoka Fellow Akkai Padmashali has been building the grassroots sexual minority rights movement in India since 2012.  Our social entrepreneurs don’t operate in isolation—they invent robust roles for others to create change, further spreading power. By making sure sexual minorities have the ability and skills to voice their perspectives and lead, Akkai has been on the forefront of the movement, identifying and elevating new innovators who promote lasting change.

By leveraging Ashoka’s almost 40 years’ experience, along with our extensive networks and on-the-ground resources, we spot, connect, and invest in innovations aimed at changing societal systems, mindsets, and norms around the world. Even though specific challenges and capacities vary from country to country, our networks connect Fellows who learn from each other and share best practices to further equality. Ashoka knows how to tap into the aggregate power of our network to accelerate impact and build movements that effect more people on a global scale—join us.

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