The Ashoka Globalizer Program



The Ashoka Globalizer Program: How does it work?


The Advisory Process: a unique platform for accelerated global growth

The Advisory Process will present a tailored training approach for each participating Fellow providing them with the right tools to initialize and implement their System Change Journey. The process comprises two phases:

  1. Impact Strategy: the participating Fellows are matched with an Ashoka team member who will lead them towards a tailored system change strategy while providing comprehensive technical and logistics support to the participating Fellows.
  2. Implementation Strategy: the participating fellows are connected with an ad-hoc team of advisors who will help them to achieve certain milestones of the System Change Journey. Through this process, the Fellows will develop their personal strategy in more practical terms and start implementing their ideas in the pipeline.


The Globalizer Summit: a unique networking space for accelerated global growth

The Globalizer Summit will match these “ready to globalize” innovations with the resources they need to rapidly and effectively achieve global scale.  A selected group of leading entrepreneurs from the private and social sectors will support each participating Fellow in Accelerator Panels – sharing their insights into proven strategies for rapid global growth and crystallizing the key needs and challenges associated with each Fellow’s plan. 

Fellows work with leading entrepreneurs, executives, and sector experts to help take their initiatives to the next level. Here, the social entrepreneurs have a chance to connect, exchange and collaborate to maximise their social impact.

The main benefits of participating in the Summit for the Fellows are that:

  1. It provides a unique opportunity for them to present strategies to a group of seasoned business experts who will strengthen their ideas and open doors.

  2. It encourages them to commit to a structured plan with associated deadlines.
  3. It provides a chance to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs, exchange experiences and build a strong support network. The Fellows see they are part of a greater movement.