2014 Globalizer: Economic Inclusion

The Economic Inclusion Globalizer Summit was held in Chennai/India from February 28th to March 2nd 2014.

In addition to helping 20 of Ashoka’s leading Fellows from around the world in the field of Economic Inclusion to strengthen their strategies to scale their impact far more broadly and enabling the right connections to implement those strategies, the Summit itself was a great opportunity to spread the message that everyone can be a changemaker.

The below points provide a sense of what happened and why we are so excited about it.

Fellow Preparation Period After an in-depth selection process:
20 Ashoka Fellows were chosen with very strong models of economic inclusion – in particular around micro-entrepreneurship and access to critical goods and services in low-income communities – who are poised to grow their impact globally. These Fellows were matched with virtual advisors: Ashoka Support Network executives, and McKinsey and Accenture consultants who worked over a 3-month period to help develop robust scaling strategies.

Economic Inclusion Ecosystem Day:
Over 100 movers and shakers from all sectors were actively involved in working together to create solutions to some of the biggest ecosystem barriers. Many of the ideas coming from this day have now applied for an Ecosystem Fund Grant to turn them into reality! 

Accelerator Day:
Leading business and social entrepreneurs, and other movers and shakers from the field were paired with Fellows for a series of powerful one-on-one conversations. Fellows received incredible strategic advice and contacts and in some cases new work partners; the Strategy Partners were thrilled to be able to contribute meaningfully in such a short time and felt they had benefitted greatly themselves.

Peer to Peer Day:
Ashoka Fellows came together for very powerful sessions to share challenges and to learn from each other. There was a special focus on the personal challenges of scaling impact, social finance and creating teams of entrepreneurial players to ensure success.

List of participating fellows below: