Dadisai Taderera

Ashoka Staff
Photo of Dadisai Taderera, Staff for S. Africa. Photo of person with darker complexion, shoulder length brown hair, and a Black blouse with flower print on it; background is a window with rectangular black panes, overlooking a street
Venture and Fellowship Manager

Dadisai Taderera joins Ashoka as the Venture and Fellowship Manager for Southern Africa. She has worked for over a decade supporting change makers and communities to advocate for transparency and accountability to ensure a more equal and just society. She has worked with organisations such as Global Integrity, Open Society Foundation of South Africa and Accountability Lab among others. She was a founding member of the Right2Know campaign in 2010 a movement centred on freedom of expression and access to information. She was born and raised in Zimbabwe but currently lives in Johannesburg where she is also raising two children and hopefully future change makers.