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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Ch’ieltik - Fortaleciendo Jóvenes Fellow 2022
Ch’ieltik Fellow 2022
Servicios a la Juventud A.C. Fellow 2022
Naomi Mwaura Fellow Kenya 2022
Maximilian Oehl Fellow Germany Democracy & voting, Civic Engagement, Racial equity, Climate change, Human Rights & Equity, Sustainable development, Networking, Citizen sector 2022
Mimoun Berrissoun Fellow Germany 2022
Laura Zommer Fellow Argentina 2022
Stefan Wehrmeyer Fellow Germany Transparency, Technology, Public policy, Law and legal reform, Information & communication technology, Journalism, Freedom of information 2022
Isidora Randjelović Fellow Germany Non-formal education, Civil rights, Adult education, Ethics, Girls’ development, Human rights, Arts & culture, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Rights 2022
Ir Budiono Fellow Indonesia 2022
Kai Pacha Fellow Argentina 2022
Agustina Besada Fellow Argentina 2022
Cherif Ndiaye Fellow Senegal Education / Learning, Education reform, Development & Prosperity, Children & Youth, Business & Social Enterprise, Changemaking, Capacity building, Health education 2022
Sobel Ngom Fellow Senegal 2022
Hera Hussain Fellow United Kingdom 2022