ChangemakHERs steps Up to Lead Change

Amira El Masry, one of the winners of the Young ChangemakHERs Transformative Journey and Competition, has been working to scale her initiative Ohana in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ohana leverages art to cultivate a culture of empathy and tackle bullying toward refugee children among youth in...
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She Can

She Can is a project that aims to affirm that women innovators can and do make a unique impact as leaders and innovators in their field. This booklet highlights female Fellows around the world who are leading systems change across Ashoka's diamonds and sectors, showcasing the unique ways women lead...
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Launching the Young Changemakers Movement

Ashoka Arab World teamed up with the British Council and Red Ochre to catalyze the Young Changemakers movement in the Arab world.
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WISE Launches at Arab World Social Innovation Forum March 15 in Cairo

The Arab World Social Innovation Forum ( is the region's premier platform for gathering an international community of social entrepreneurs and accelerating the local-to-global and global-to-local movement for social change. Leveraging Ashoka’s position as the world’s largest network for...
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When we reframe the definition of success in a way that better includes and celebrates women social entrepreneurs, we curate an ecosystem that is more likely to inspire and nurture women changemakers."


Iman Bibars
Vice President, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public & Regional Director, Ashoka Arab World

[My solution] is about helping the world through women. This is about telling women that they are needed the way they are. They have to make the effort to create their own leadership model.”

Ashoka Fellow Riccarda Zezza
CEO, Maternity As A Masters

Very rarely do people talk about women as being incredible innovators. I think that when we talk about those people who are brilliant innovators—what a social entrepreneur is—it tends to be a man. And I just refuse to believe that all the brilliant, great innovators are men."

Ashoka Fellow Ruth Ibegbuna
Founder, RECLAIM