The Mabin School

Changemaker School
Network Member Since 2016

The Mabin School is a small, progressive school whose mission is to create the next generation of original thinkers, adaptive leaders, and caring citizens. Mabin focuses on developing confident, independent learners through a child-centred approach to education. All aspects of a child’s development—intellectual, emotional, social, and physical—are considered, given equal importance and nurtured. Mabin delivers an exceptional social curriculum that includes character education, leadership initiatives and community outreach. Caring, empathy, collaboration, and a commitment to helping others are essential values at Mabin. Achieving academic excellence and honouring student interests are always at the centre of an inquiry-based approach to learning in the Mabin classroom.

At the Mabin School, leadership skills are nurtured from the first day children arrive at the school. Children are encouraged to use empathy and to support each other in our learning community. Students are paired up to help each other throughout all grade levels. Activities are structured for all to participate and feel integrated and valued in our community. Each student is challenged to help make the community and ultimately our world a better place. Children learn through daily role modeling that people are unique and precious, this is fundamental and non negotiable in every encounter we have throughout the day at Mabin. Students are encouraged to make life count and leave a legacy. The staff at the Mabin School encourage their students to make every situation a better place because of their presence.