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Lead Young Online Summit | #Youthincharge

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Planet and Culture

We live in a world with rich culture and nature which we have to respect and nurture for a better future. See what Jessica has been doing in fighting against racial intolerance and inequality, along with Rafa and Riski who are preserving nature through promoting mindful consumption of electronics and creating the correlation with economic aspects in their communities, respectively.

The New Literacy

Something transformative is happening in this world. To be a contributor, an active player, everyone must learn a new set of skills beyond reading and math. Anugreh is optimizing the power of digital literacy in empowering differently-abled people. Whereas Rere and Ila are equipping children and young people to be a changemaker with the concept of multiliteracy through their community libraries, defining a new norm for growing up.

Leaders of Tomorrow

Society needs to see this historic moment as a time of possibility where young people are capable of solving problems and taking action. Angela, Manat and Lita are supporting young people to realize their power to lead and make a difference with deep empathy, creativity and the spirit of changemaking. Now is the time for a fundamental shift in how people see the world and the role of young people within it.

Nutrition for Change

From a change in lifestyle until a shift in the food system, young people like Christophe, Icha, and Rizal are demostrating leadership in trackling nutrition issues, which often being ignored in the community. This panel will feature their transformational journey from passive participants to active advocates who champion an initiative around nutrition and eating behavior to better the quality of Indonesian adolescents inside-out.