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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Arundhuti Gupta Fellow India 2024
S Vishwanath Fellow India Water management, Recycling 2024
Diana Adams Fellow United States Human Rights & Equity, Family planning, Gender equity, Law and legal reform, LGBTQ+ rights 2023
Nancy Maina Fellow Kenya 2023
Byron Kominek Fellow United States Environment & Sustainability, Agriculture, Climate change, Energy conservation, Environment, Green business 2023
Pax Dettoni Serrano Fellow Spain Peace & Harmonious Relations, Boys’ development, Child care, Conflict resolution, Education / Learning, Empathy, Girls’ development, Violence & Abuse 2023
Ashok Kamath Fellow India Education / Learning 2023
Michael Sunbola Fellow Nigeria 2023
Manel Modelo Fellow Mexico 2023
Omowumi Ogunrotimi Fellow Nigeria 2023
Philomena Anyanwu Fellow Nigeria Aging 2023
José Aguilar Fellow Mexico Racial equity, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Rights, Youth leadership, Education / Learning, Intercultural relations, Gender equity 2023
Khushboo Awasthi Fellow India 2023
Isabelle Kamariza Fellow Rwanda 2023
Fabio Gerosa Fellow Italy Energy conservation, Business & Social Enterprise, Renewable energy 2023