Hello Changemakers!

Linnéa and Kim here! We are writing this post because we have gotten the opportunity to participate in the Dela Summit in Delft. From 24-26 October 2019 the Dela Summit will take place in Delft, The Netherlands. We will join the Summit and share everything with you. We will post one blog post a day during the Summit and share a video containing our experience of the journey.
Kim & Linnéa
Source: Kim & Linnéa

My name is Linnéa and I am studying a Politics and Economics with a Major in Economics at Lund University. I have always had a strong interest in human rights and therefore I am involved on the board of the Red Cross Youth Federation in Lund. In my spare time I love to cook, spend time with my friends and my nephews.

I am Kim and I am currently on my sixth semester studying Business and Economics with a Major in Marketing at Lund University. My strong interest in Social Entrepreneurship and the longing of becoming a Changemaker led me to an internship at The Hunger Project in New York. I worked there for five months as a Fundraising and Special Projects Intern, before returning for my last semester in Lund. In my free time I like to spend time with my friends.

Collaboration Ashoka and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship work with social entrepreneurs from all over the world to increase their impact. The partnership as we understand it is based on collaboration and mutual learning. By working for a joint goal, IKEA also gets inspiration towards working in new, smarter and more sustainable ways. You can read more here.

We hope to get inspired and receive guidance on how our dreams can go from idea to action, essentially how to become full time Changemakers. We look forward to going on this journey with Ashoka, the IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and everyone else!

Stay tuned,

Kim & Linnéa