Doing business differently to ensure healthcare access

Welcome to our second special episode of a podcast series developed in collaboration with Leading with social impact*. In this second episode, we present you to our fantastic Nordic Fellow Rustam Nabiev.
Rustam Nabiev
Source: Rustam Nabiev

Rustam is the founder of Shifo, a foundation that enables frontline workers to easily track individual children’s health development, empowering families, health workers, and leaders to make the right decisions and create self-enhancing work processes within the health sector. Shifo solutions are currently operating in more than 1000 Health Service Delivery Points in seven countries.

    “ Through Shifo, we are building the missing pieces that would improve and make the primary health care more effective to the people.” - Rustam Nabiev.

Over the years, Ashoka’s Fellowship has provided Rustam and Shifo’s team with an extensive network of experts, such as leading social entrepreneurs and Ashoka Support Network members, with whom they share experiences from the field of health and innovation. In addition, Rustam is part of the global initiative “Making More Health”, which has provided him with relevant contacts and stakeholders from the health field globally.


    “Joining the Ashoka Fellowship was an opportunity for us to connect with the community of Ashoka team members, advisors, fellows, etc. being able to understand moredepth what it means to bring systems change”

Our second special guest from today’s episode is Arnaud Mourot, Ashoka’s Vice President in charge of Global Corporate Alliances and Changemaker Companies. Arnaud is the initiator and leader of the above-mentioned partnership “Making More Health”, a joint global initiative launched 10 years ago between Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals and Ashoka. Making More Health initiative combines social and business values to identify new and better ways of improving health globally for individuals, families and communities.

  •     Why is it important that the public sector find ways to work with the private sector?  
  •     How can social entrepreneurs be relevant partners for big businesses to innovate differently and ensure healthcare access in a sustainable way?

Listen to this inspiring conversation and discover the answers to these questions in our second special podcast episode:



*About the Ashoka Fellowship - During the last decade, Ashoka Fellowship has supported leading social entrepreneurs in the Nordics by increasing their sense of belonging to a broad community of Changemakers, supporting them in their organizational growth and strengthening their identity while helping them to increase the impact of their organizations. Check out our expansive network of Fellows and recommend an Ashoka Fellow to be part of this mission.

*About Leading with Social Impact - a podcast series hosted by Shreyas Bharadwaj that aims to connect people to the inspirational thoughts and ideas of the leaders who work to create a positive social impact. Interested to know more about it?  You can now listen to our first special episode with Sofia Appelgren on the topics of Diversity and Inclusion here.