Dela Summit

The Dela Summit, 24-26 October, is a key moment in the life of the Dela Accelerator. Here all the moving pieces of the strategic planning experience come together and culminate in a plan for how to increase the impact of the social entrepreneurs.
Dela Summit
Source: Dela Summit

Dela is a program developed by IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and Ashoka to support social entrepreneurs to develop and implement system change strategies to enable better livelihoods for all.

Since April the social entrepreneurs have been in the strategy phase, the first part of the Dela Accelerator. Together with IKEA advisors, they have analysed the problem they are tackling, identified the system change they want to achieve, and developed a roadmap as well as an organizational strategy to achieve it.

The purpose of the Dela Summit is to create momentum around collective action for system change based on the strategies developed. We invite more IKEA coworkers, as well as business and thought leaders from the private sector to establish strong, trusting relationships between everyone engaged in the program and the social entrepreneurs.

This will be achieved in a three-day experience. Day one focus on closing the strategy phase, and during day two we will kick-start the next phase. In the implementation phase, the social entrepreneurs receive support on specific implementation challenges or activities that can accelerate the realisation of their strategies. Day three is a day of reflection, where the social entrepreneurs can learn more about leadership and wellbeing, so that they can steer their organizations to sustainably maximize impact.

We are very excited to host such an amazing group of people and can’t wait see what their collective experience will lead to.