Day One - Strategy Day

Kim & Linnéa here, reporting live from Delft, the Netherlands! Today has been a hectic and super exciting day. We have met many interesting and inspiring people. We started the day with a welcome meeting where Torbjörn Lööf, CEO of Inter IKEA Group, Åsa Skogström Feldt, Director of IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and Marie Ringler, Director of Ashoka Europe, spoke about the cooperation.
Day 1 Dela Summit
Source: Dela Summit

The cooperation is based on a partnership between a Social Entrepreneur and an IKEA Strategy Advisor whom she has worked together with for a few months. Being from different parts of the world and having different experiences, they have worked on an idea to create bigger impact and scale. Today, on the Strategy Day the Social Entrepreneurs have presented their work for the Thought Partners, who also provided the Social Entrepreneurs with feedback and input.

Today, we also got the opportunity to do interviews. The first person we interviewed was Nani Zulminari, who started the organization PEKKA. PEKKA works with setting up women's groups all over Indonesia to reverse the pattern of discrimination. The organization’s work has lead to systems change and changes in the social values. It was inspiring to hear all about what she has accomplished and how she is working as a Changemaker. We also loved hearing Nani talking about her inspirations and goals. With Nani’s passion and expertise we are sure she will reach more women and create even more change in Indonesia.

Day 2 Dela Summit

When interviewing Anneke Spikens, CEO of Doen Foundation, she talked about the importance of people working together. Anneke described how a lot of the Social Entrepreneurs whom she has worked with have a huge passion for their ideas and the work they are doing. She explained how passion and a great idea are very important, but also the value of working together to find the right product-market combination.

We have learned much about how the social entrepreneurship world works. We have met a lot of passionate people that are true Changemakers and it has really been a day full of inspiration. One of the insights we have gained today was that even though you have a good idea or big visions, you will need a good team to get where you want.

We are quite overwhelmed from all the interesting meetings we have had today. Something that stuck with us was Nani’s story and strength that she conveys to all the other women in Indonesia.

Quote of the day:

To solve a problem, go look in the unlikely places, talk to people you never talk to, open boxes you never open, leverage the beauty in the world.”- Marie Ringler: Director of Ashoka Europe

See you tomorrow,

Kim & Linnéa

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