By joining the Ashoka Support Network (ASN), you are invited to embark on a transformative journey. This journey is both collective and individual. Collectively, the ASN offers you the opportunity to be part of a community dedicated to fostering social change. Individually, it gives you the chance to reflect on how you want to make a difference in the world and – ultimately – empowers you to take action.

How? Ashoka has a wide range of resources, but the most valuable of these are our Fellows, the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. In connecting and interacting with them, you will be inspired and empowered to shape a better world.

Founded in 2004, the ASN is composed of 350+ members worldwide in more than 40 countries.

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The only way to have good businesses in the future is to help people and the planet. The foundation of everything I do is very much based on Ashoka's vision of Everyone A Changemaker world.

Tharald Nustad
Co-Founder at Katapult Ocean
Tharald Nustad

It's enriching to meet dedicated Ashoka Fellows and expand my personal network with other ASNs, particularly internationally. To be an ASN is very interesting and stimulating, and it's a pleasure to contribute to one of the world's leading NGOs.

Magnus Uggla
Business leader
Magnus Uggla

Ashoka is a fantastic platform for networking and a catalysator for systems change.

Annika Sten Pärson
Chair & Co-founder of Young Solidarity Foundation
Annika Sten Parson

When you become an ASN member, not only does the money you invest have a huge impact, but you become a part of the Ashoka network and an important piece of the puzzle. Just as much as you give, you get back.

Maite Arango
Former VP of Grupo VIPS and President of Ashoka Spain
Maite Arango

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