• Nordic Changemaker Map – Norway

The Norwegian map contributes to the Nordic-wide map, in which the regional trends, actors, needs and ideas have been compiled to a joint Nordic Changemaker Map.


The initiative will result in a set of digital maps, trends-analysis and recommendations, and subsequently aims to have an event series that invites ecosystem actors to think, explore and act together to strengthen the fields of social entrepreneurship and changemaking in Norway. 

In Phase 1, the Norwegian map sets out to interview 40 social entrepreneurs, young Changemakers and joint initiatives, as well as collected the work and experiences of additional 120 Norwegian Changemakers.


Who is a Changemaker?

The Nordic Changemaker Map defines a changemaker as a: 

person or project that has identified a societal challenge, developed a solution, and assembled a team to solve the problem in practice.

Interactive digital maps

Thematic areas and collaboration forms in Norway

Skills among Norwegian Changemakers and how they spread Changemaking forward

Enabling and hindering factors & levels of impact among Norwegian Changemakers

Measuring tools, reasons for not measuring impact and main income channels

Network partners

Impact StartUp