For more than 30 years, Ashoka Africa has been fostering Africas' largest network of system-change social entrepreneurs. Ashoka Nigeria is part of the Ashoka Africa Hub and was launched in 1990. Our first and longest running program in Anglophone West Africa to date includes over 110 systems-changing social entrepreneurs, whom we call Ashoka Fellows. The regional office based in Lagos covers Cameroon, Liberia, Nigeria and Ghana.

Our goal is to stimulate and support the most innovative entrepreneurial solutions to the social and environmental challenges we face today. And to foster “Everyone A Changemaker” societies along with other key stakeholders across sectors. This means equipping more people, including young people, with the skillset and a connection to the purpose so that they can contribute ideas and effectively solve problems in their worlds - be it in their family, community, city, workplace, field, industry, country, or beyond. We provide connections to a global network and a platform for people dedicated to changing the world. Ashoka is also ideally positioned to identify patterns in social innovation, convene key decision-makers from the social entrepreneurship, corporate, public and investment sectors to facilitate the emergence of collaborative models that can address the most critical societal challenges at large scale. 

While the Ashoka network includes social entrepreneurs working on any critical societal issue - from education, human rights, civic participation, economic development to nutrition and healthcare among others – we are eager to spot and supply solutions that are particularly relevant in the current regional context such as social cohesion, addressing economic inequalities, quality education for all and climate resilience amongst others.

Africa priority thematic areas

Ashoka's Africa is composed of three other regional offices: Ashoka East AfricaAshoka Southern Africa, and Ashoka Sahel.

Our Programs

Ashoka Venture and Fellowship

Our longest running and cornerstone program is Venture and Fellowship, through which we select catalytic social entrepreneurs, with the potential to not only achieve impact in their organization but transform systems. Ashoka Fellows are leading social entrepreneurs who are tackling the toughest challenges facing society today. Since launching Ashoka in Anglophone West Africa, we have elected and supported over 110 social innovators.

Ashoka’s Venture program begins with a proactive search and rigorous selection process to find the next Fellows to join the Ashoka community. Each year we receive over 100 nominations and applications in the region.  

The Fellowship program offers financial and non-financial strategic support to its members. Our focus is on leveraging our network of peers and supporters, honing in key topics such as systems-change, financial and personal sustainability, and providing strategic opportunities to Fellows throughout their careers and stages of development as the non-financial support is not time bound. A Fellow may be at an inflection point to get an innovative idea off the ground or may have already achieved national impact and made a “scratch on history” with their idea.

Selection Criteria
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Ashoka Young Changemakers

Ashoka Young Changemakers are a carefully selected network of young people between the ages of 12 and 20 years, who have found their power to create change for the good of all, and who are engaging their peers and the entire society in realizing a world where everyone is a changemaker. We hold the belief that one of the most effective ways to improve the lives of young people and the world at large is to empower them to realize their own ability to create positive social change. We are aiming at cultivating and building an eco-system that supports youth to be changemakers. Through their initiatives, Young Changemakers become role models in their community, proving that it is possible to be actively engaged and to Lead Young. Beyond their immediate surrounding, they also convey their message of change by participating in large outreach events or campaigns in Africa.

Nomination and selection criteria

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African fellows in conversation

Ashoka Africa Builders

Ashoka Africa Builders is a community of successful and innovative leaders from the corporate, investment or public sectors who connect with Ashoka’s leading social entrepreneurs to accelerate positive social change. They support Ashoka financially as well as strategically, offering their network, time and expertise. 

Based on the success of the Ashoka Support Network around the world (ASN), Ashoka Africa is in the process of launching a committed and collaborative community of Ashoka Builders who are eager to roll up their sleeves and support Ashoka, Ashoka Fellows, young leaders and Changemaker schools on the continent intensify and scale their impact. 

Are you a business leader and do you want to share your expertise?

Join the founding circle of Ashoka Africa Builders Network in Anglophone West Africa. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about how members bring value to and benefit from the Ashoka network, and email [email protected] with any questions about the program. 

Changemaking Companies

Changemaker Companies

Ashoka has incepted Changemaker Companies to accelerate the rise of an inclusive & regenerative economy. We believe changemaking is in everyone, everywhere. The biggest economic players are instrumental in advancing the narrative that everyone can contribute to solving the world’s problems. We are therefore on a mission to find partners who want to embrace a business culture where everyone is a changemaker. A culture where creating positive societal impact through business is the new norm. We believe good business happens from the inside-out, and partner with corporate leaders who want to engage stakeholders to drive systemic change within their company. Our activities include:  

1. The Lab: CMC is partnering with pioneer companies willing to experiment with new ways of working to shift their culture & lead systemic change in their industry.  

2. The Wave: CMC hosts space for companies to explore, connect, share, and learn with a community of peers with similar ambitions and challenges, and empowers companies to become drivers of innovation at the intersection of impact and business transformation.  

3. The Movement: CMC helps accelerate the adoption of changemaking and social innovation in business and enhances the narratives through advocacy and influence work. 

Our corporate partners include Boehringer Ingelheim, EY, and Microsoft. We would like African companies to join us. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information. 

Impact Africa

Impact! Africa Social Entrepreneurship Summit

Ashoka West Africa is regularly hosting action-focused events to connect our network of Fellows, young leaders and Changemaker schools to other changemakers from the philanthropy, corporate, investment or public sectors. We believe in the power of sharing, learning from experience and co-creating new solutions to current societal challenges and in the need to provide platforms for greater collaboration across sectors. 

The Pan-African Impact! Africa Summit is an annual event hosted in collaboration with the British Council to accelerate innovation and solutions to Africa's most pressing challenges. The summit brings together social entrepreneurs and key ecosystem players across the continent.

The first edition of the Summit took place in Johannesburg - South Africa in June 2018. The second edition was held in East Africa in Nairobi – Kenya in December 2019. The third edition will take place in Nigeria for the first time in West Africa.

Cover image for Ashoka Africa 2019 Impact Report. It showcases a selected number of African Fellows and Young Changemakers

Ashoka Africa 2019 Impact Report

The Ashoka Africa’s 2019 Impact Report highlights our work and impact in Africa for 2019. It serves as an overview of all the above mentioned programmes, eco-system building events, Fellows, Young Changemakers  and network of supporters.


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